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Proseries Support

Level 4

Where has Proseries outsourced support for 2021? It seems to keep getting worse. This year they seem to be from overseas and obviously have poor phone service. Each time I call I don't understand their English and the phone call keeps cutting out. I finally give up and hang up. It must be on their end because I don't have issues when calling other support numbers.  Its not worth buying another product when you can't get decent US based support. 

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Level 3

The support and the release dates gets worse every year. It appears we are last on the list for any resources. As of 1/27/2022, Proseries still can't print Maryland returns. However, TurboTax, Intuit's shelf product has been able to print and file since the beginning of the filing period.

Level 15

This is support.  They don't really care to pay support staff if they don't have to so they direct you here so that they can get suckers (I mean other professionals) to provide support without having to pay us.  In all honesty, when it is a question that we can answer, we tend to have a better batting average than the paid support staff as far as accuracy of the answer goes.

Slava Ukraini!
Level 1

Support..........what support?  Gets worst each year. Time to look for a better tax program

Level 15

I am a Professor of Broken English at DPU, so I understand it quite well, but the broken English that some of these ones speak is in a world unto itself...  Just my opinion...😉