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This is a reoccurring theme with this specific client in particular because the previous year in 2022, the same thing happened, it caused us alot of headache and loss. Has anyone had this situation ? Support said it was efiled on 03/27/24, however when he looked thru backups of the files, the last time the clients file was backed up to their servers was on 03/28/24 and the last time the file was modified was on 03/19/24, it turns out the recovered file on 03/28/24 showed that the taxes due did not match what was automatically sent to the IRS, AND there were multiple errors that werent fixed. AND i was able to file an Extension on 04/14/24 and it passed through completely fine which SHOULD not work if there has already been a return accepted by the IRS. So i know its a 100% fact that Proseries had a bug which caused this to happen year after year. Are there any solutions to this or preventions because im not paying for a broken system that puts me thru loss and headache. The support told me to get a transcript from IRS, but Transcript doesnt show the necessary things in the return and i cant make an amendment if i dont know what was sent.

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Maybe it would prevent this happening if you go to the Tools menu, then to Options, then to Electronic Filing, then check the box for 'Only transmit returns when status box is checked for Ready to transmit to IRS' or something like that. Will add a step to the preparation of each return but if it actually works, that would be worth it.

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A Tax Return Transcript will show everything on that return that IRS cares about.

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Are you sure your clients doesn't have some identity theft issue happening ?    Curious how PS support can see it was efiled but you don't.     Do you have an efile acknowledgement ?