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  • Created with Sketch. It is being reported that major internet and cell service providers Verizon, ATt&T, T-Mobile, as well as some smaller local providers are experiencing a massive outage across the United States. This will impact the ProSeries program in regards to customer receiving MFA codes, as well as messages indicating ProSeries is not connected to the Internet.
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    Proseries: Crash Report - Still an issue!

    Level 3

    Spoke with Tech support and told to post any and all suggestions to Intuit programmers who supposedly visit this site.

    Intuit Proseries 2019+2020 has been crashing upon sign-in, esp. since last Dec.

    Was contacted by Intuit to participate in a program where programmers or whoever would login in remotely and watch the work done and even received a confirmation email about it.

    Unfortunately, NOTHING was done as the popup which keeps popping up every so often.

    Anyone having similar issues?

    Programmers.. please fix it!!

    Screen Shot 02-26-21 at 02.27 PM.JPG


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    Hi - really sorry you're experiencing this.

    Next time you encounter this crash, could you type "MrMojo" into the details section of the crash dialog and reply here when you do.

    That'll help me identify it on the backend.



    Level 1

    Our users are seeing frequent crashes as well, seems to have increased in the last few days. All updates are applied. Seems to be a problem every year, doesn't improve.

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    Level 3

    I saw an article that Intuit thinks this issue is resolved. My Proseries just randomly crashed AGAIN. 3/27/21 5:17 PM Arizona time - sorry guys - you still have bugs.


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    Level 1

    I am having the same issue with Pro series 2019    The program is crashing upon sign in 

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