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E-filing client return, rejected. Error shows name and ss# on Form 8863 does not match database. Confirmed all info correct. Submitted handful of times and each time rejected. Submitted twice on 10/15, 4 times 10/16 and once this morning. It's not giving me dependent info error, just error for Form 8863. Any ideas what I might need to review. This is the last return I filed Thursday night. All others e-filed successfully. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Level 15

It may have cross matched the 8863 info first and rejected before it had a chance to cross match the dependent on the return (which would probably also causes a reject).  

Do you have the actual SS Card for the dependent in question?

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@Anonymous wrote:

Submitted twice on 10/15, 4 times 10/16 and once this morning.


I could be wrong, but I have in my mind that once it is rejected 5 times, it will be permanently rejected and you need to paper file.

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