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Problem Printing page 1 of Form 1040 2023

Level 2

Is anyone experiencing a problem  printing page 1 of form 1040 ? Everything else prints.....

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Level 15

(edit, now I see you say all the other forms are printing....)

Are 'any' of the forms available yet???

They aren't in Lacerte; only the tax summary is working.

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Level 15

Too early to worry about yet,

Slava Ukraini!
Level 15
Level 15

I think I remember this being an issue in prior years as well, we couldnt print it until it was closer to being a finalized form...too many dummies out there mailing in forms too early.

Level 15

Too early to do anything now, including transferring clients, just increases chance of problems.

Level 4

Issue: not printing 1040
Resolution: make sure 1040 is checked and not 1040 SR and make sure they are under 65
Resolved: Yes

Level 2

Thank you, that worked.

Needed to double check the estimates for 4th quarter from the 2022 tax package.

much appreciated.!!!!