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Pro Series will crash and not open, what do I do?

I' trying to log into Pro Series Basic, will get verification code, then a crash report. It worked yesterday. I cannot get the program to open. All windows updates are current. All pro series updates have been done. I followed troubleshooter and went to the update file and deleted updates, did a restart, still crashed. I did get a message that said App launcher is incompatible.

Has anyone else been experiencing this? I'm stumped.

I installed program onto computer I used last year, worked for one day, now I am getting crash reports on it now.

One is windows 10 and one is windows 11


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Level 11

You might try the PS Tool Hub


but question win 10 and win 11 errors? Did you upgrade to win 11? Sounds like your computer (or PS) is confused.

If at first you don’t succeed…..find a workaround
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I called ProSeries support. After hours on the phone, still not able to open. I used windows 10 last year on old computer. Bought a new computer with windows 11. Installed 2022. Worked for one week. Then continuous crash notices when trying to log in. Installed 2022 on old computer. Worked one day, now all I get is crash notices on this one now. Hired IT guy, cannot get program to open on either computer. Installed ToolHub. Will see where this takes me. 

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