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Printing problems in Pro Series Basic

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I have one computer in my office and one computer at home.  My home system prints fine.  At the office, all tax forms print in characters that are not normal. They appear as ZZzz$$$$, cent signs, dollar signs etc. Just like foreign characters throughout the entire form, kind of like its in ASCII mode. It is only when I print from Pro Series. Same printer as I have been using for years. The only thing I noticed is that my Adobe Acrobat reader was not working so things would open in Microsoft edge instead of PDF???  I reloaded the reader, same problem. The forms, like payment vouchers and estimated vouchers print fine, the taxes do not.  The work around I am currently using is to save as a pdf file, open the pdf and print.  Any clues???  The printer is a HP Laser Monochrome P1006.  At hope HP Color Laser, everything is fine at home. 

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There are a few of us out there having weird printing experiences.  I have had the issue with Minnesota business returns but have been printing to pdf as a work around until they can figure it out.  My new friend @Fabian  has been working on the issue so he might want to get some info from you to solve the mystery.

Slava Ukraini!
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@jcdtax ,  will you send an email to [proseries_engineering @intuit.com] with your contact information so we can schedule a troubleshooting session? Use "BasicPrintsWrongCharacters" in the subject line and copy/paste your posting above in the body

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Hi - sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue.

We think this is related to printer drivers, so make sure your office drivers are up to date.

Otherwise... our prescribed solution is using print to image/print to PDF.


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