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please don't print client email address on hard copy of 1040

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I noticed recently that my client's email address is being printed on the 1040 in the signature area. When my client sees this, they will assume the IRS now has their email address. The next time my client gets an email from the "IRS", they may be inclined to open it and click on links that are likely malicious.

Why would Intuit/Proseries give their customers an opportunity to be victimized by potential fraudsters? I have used Proseries for over 15 years and it never printed the email address previously. Why start now?

The IRS has gone to great lengths to notify the public they will NOT email taxpayers because in part of the potential for fraud.

Please programmers, provide a fix so this doesn't happen. In another thread it was suggested this was an update from the summer of 2021. Why was this update necessary?

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Level 13

Remove efile address from file, print return, then re-enter efile address. 

Or just delete it.

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I understand there are workarounds, but this requires additional steps that was not required in the past. The goal of Proseries should be to make improvements annually to create efficiencies. All professional software programs strive for this. I really am interested in knowing why an "update" like this was made, an update that requires extra steps to do what I have been doing automatically for the last 12-13 years.  

Level 3

Agreed.  This needs to be fixed ASAP.  We want the email address in the info worksheet so that we can have the info readily available if we need to contact our clients.  We do not want it printed in the signature area of the tax return for the reasons outlined by others here.

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Yes, please remove this, I noticed it at the end of the year last year since a lot of our clients used Link, but we do not want their emails printed on the tax form.

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I have created my own workaround that does not require deleting then printing then going back and reentering what was deleted or any of the other convoluted workarounds suggested. 

I simply don't populate the 'taxpayer' (left side of info worksheet) email field. I put the email address for the client in the 'spouse' (right side of the info worksheet) email field. This works whether there is a spouse or not. Nothing then carries over to the signature area. I'm limited to one email, but rarely do I have a need for more than one.

So far this seems to be working for me, let me know if you try this and encounter any issues.

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