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Part-Year Resident (of Two States): W-2 Box 16 Shows Full Amount of W-2 Box 1 for Both States

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I have an individual taxpayer who recieved a W-2 from an employer located in Boston, MA. He was a part-year resident of both New York City and Massachusetts in 2023. On the W-2 Box 16, it shows the full amount of the W-2 Box 1 as both MA and NYS sourced (see attachments). For the MA Nonresident and Part-Year Resident Tax Return, can I allocate only the portion of the W-2 Box 1 amount earned while the individual taxpayer was a MA resident onto the Line 5 Wages, salaries, tips line? For example, if the individual taxpayer was an MA resident for 1 month in 2023, can I take the full W-2 Box 1 amount then multiply by (1 month /12 months) then input the number on Line 5?

 W-2 Box 16 - MA.pngW-2 Box 16 - NYS.png


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You should not change numbers on W2. You need to allocate the wages in each state return

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