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PA 40

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Why is Pro Series still requiring separate PA state returns when the taxpayer passed away during the tax year.  If the taxpayer passes away, Pro Series is still requiring a separate PA state return for the taxpayer and spouse.  I attended a PA Tax Seminar this week and the representative from the state said that has not been a requirement for about 5 years.  It is time consuming to do two state returns when it's not necessary.

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Connie you can do it joint in Pro Series professional. They may state that in their instructions or wherever but you can file a joint return in the year of the death with Pro Series professional. I believe you have to make the survivor the primary taxpayer,  I.E. the deceased taxpayer becomes the secondary taxpayer or spouse.... I just checked and my aforementioned comments are correct. Hope this helps.

Level 13

"I believe you have to make the survivor the primary taxpayer." Like PATAX said.

That's what I do. If the TP passes away, I switch them, and it works.

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