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Out of memory message during file transfer in pro series 2020

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I can only transfer about 25 files from last year before I get an "Out of memory" message. It appears if I reboot my machine I can do another 25 and then same problem?

I have 32GB of memory on my pc so I doubt it is a hardware problem.

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Level 15

I saw another report of this last week sometime..I don't think I saw the resolution though.  @Orlando I think you can probably help with this!

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Intuit Alumni

I'm sorry for the frustration. I think I'm going to have to ask one of our specialists to contact you on Monday to investigate.  This is unfortunately a rarely seen error that is very generic in nature. There's not a single obvious cause 😞

I do have a few questions that might help me investigate ahead of time:

Is it exactly 25 each time?

Do you have to reboot your machine each time, or just restart ProSeries?

What flavor of ProSeries are you using? Network, Standalone Professional, or Basic?

Did you have this issue with ProSeries 2019?

Can you send me the name of a client file that failed?

Can you look in Help->About, Version Tab and send me your "Device Id"? This will let me look you up on our server to see if there are any clues there.

Can you try to transfer with Microsoft's "Task Manager" running? (Just go to start menu on your desktop and type "task manager").  When you start getting the "Out of Memory" error.. does anything look fishy (highlighted in red or getting close to 100%.. especially CPU or Memory)?



If you'd prefer to wait for our specialist on Monday, that's fine too. This just might give me some clues ahead of time, that will help him or her with the investigation.


Again, sorry for the frustration.Thank you for reaching out, and thanks @Just-Lisa-Now-  for the tag.


Intuit Alumni

Ok, we've tracked this problem down to a year over year conversion problem when an itemization exists on a 0 value in a W2.  Another team owns that, so I don't currently have an ETA on a fix. 



Work Around Options

  • Don't try to import files with this problem and wait for a fix
  • Remove the itemization(s) (? Sorry for being naive - i'm not sure if that's reasonable or not.. i'm an engineer, not a tax guy)
  • Temporarily set the value from 0 to 1, import, then set it back to 0 (? Again, sorry if that's not a reasonable work around)


-- Historical Note for Google Searches and/or Tribal Knowledge --

This error code, "Out of memory" is used in a ton of places for a ton of hypothetical reasons. If you're getting this error and the details in here don't seem applicable, they probably aren't and you're dealing with a different instance of this error.

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I am also receiving out of memory message when I click on keep it going,  This is personal tax return just starting as worked last year with same employer then new employer 

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