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on an amended 1041 return where do I enter a refund received on the original return?

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1041s you just check the amended box and send in a corrected copy, it doesnt have a place to show differences from the original.   

IRS knows what the original refund was and will make adjustments accordingly.

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I've done at least 25 of these over the years.  Tried to present it as Just-Lisa-Now stated.  Tried overriding fields.  Tried attaching memo showing prior refund calc with additional refund or additional payment due.  100% have had problems with the IRS and required a subsequent letter or phone call.  Not sure why amended forms cannot be consistent in presentation across all types of forms.  What was reported, what is the correct amount and the difference.  Very frustrating. 

I'm going into the forms business to redesign every IRS form and send to them for implementation.  Just can't figure out who to send it to.

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