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Not a dependent child and how to report being covered under Parent's Obamacare

Level 8

Hi online community, How a 21 year-old taxpayer who is covered under the parents Obamacare BUT is not a dependent on the parents return,  will fill out the 8962 in his/her income tax. I have being told that the young taxpayer would have to fill Part IV of the Form 8962, but could anyone explain that to us using specific information related to this case, if it is possible. Will be appreciated it. Thank you and have a great day everyone. How is it done: allocating 100 % to their parents or allocating 0% to him/her? 

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Level 15
Level 15

You can allocate the % however it makes the most sense.100 to parents and 0 to the kid, is fine.

Level 15

First question: Is the child ABLE to be claimed as a dependent?

Second questions:  Are parents and child agreeable to adjusting things for the best overall result?  The may mean that one of them will pay more (or lower refund), but the other will pay less (or bigger refund).  Are you preparing the returns for both the parents AND the child?

Third question:  Was Advance credit paid (column C of the 1095-A)?

Level 3

When preparing the Obamacare form 8962, with total AGI on parents return, do you still have to enter the not a dependent childs income if he/she works to allot total household income? Or can you just do % based on parents and have child claim his % on there return?

I thought total household income was to be used on parents return with non dependent income. Is this true?

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Level 15

If the child is not a dependent, their income does not go on the parent's 8962.