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Non-Finalized Forms

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What is up with so many forms not being finalized for e-filing?  Schedule J, Form 8582-CR and Form 3800 are not e-file final until March 2.  Doesn't ProSeries know that farm returns are due March1?  And please don't tell me to paper file these returns with the mess IRS is in processing mailed information.  Seems like I have had frustration with ProSeries this year more than any other year and our office as used it for almost 20 years.  Been nothing but aggravation with forms not being finalized both for printing and e-filing.

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This is the way for many years, not just this one.

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While I agree with some of what you say, I do not think it is entirely Pro Series fault. The politicians in Washington DC run social programs through the tax returns which creates difficulty for both the IRS and Pro Series. I share your frustration my friend.

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Checked some others today and the competition has 8582 and 8582CR efileable.   Programmers can't make all of the tax scheduling decisions.

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I agree with you.  I've used ProSeries for 30 years and I've never had my back against the wall with the March 1st deadline because of late form releases from ProSeries like I have this year.

There were a couple of farm related hiccups by ProSeries last year, but the issue was releasing the needed forms just a couple of days before the March 1st deadline.  Not that they wouldn't be available at all until after March 1st like this year.

And I don't buy that it's the fault of the taxing authorities one bit considering that the forms I'm waiting on in ProSeries are available in ProConnect.  They're owned by the same company!

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Can your client use any of the credits flowing through the Form 3800 or Form 8582CR this year?

If they can't, you could print off the credit carryfoward information for your file then delete the offending forms so that you can efile the returns.   Then reinput the information on next year's return.

Just a suggestion.


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