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    New firm accessing returns from a previous company

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    My customer used to be a member of a CPA partnership, but now has his own company.  If he sets up a previous year's Proseries software with his new firm info, what happens when he opens a return prepared by the old firm?  Will it modify the preparer information on the old return?  The goal is to be able to print the previous company's returns unchanged and make new returns for previous years with the new company's info.  Is this feasible?

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    Level 15
    Level 15

    Yes, it will modify and put the current Firm information that ProSeries is licensed for on the return. (I struggled with this when I took over a client base from my employer when he retired)

    Id print them all to PDF before transferring them into the new firms copy of Proseries, so you have an accurate copy as to what firm filed it.

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    I assume you are the "tech" for this person. Leaving the partnership and starting his own company will now require:

    • New EFIN application, which should have been started last year, so hurry up
    • New EIN if he is to have employees, or maybe just so he doesn't have to put his SSN on each return
    • New account with ProSeries, including a new Fast Path and confirmation of the new EFIN
    • If the old firm gives him files, they should be able to be opened with the new firm information in them.

    HE should call sales to  work this out AND get busy with getting his new ducks in a row. 

    Here's wishing you many Happy Returns
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    Understood, George4Tacks.  All of those were already completed, the question is regarding his future access of previous returns, but thank you.

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