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New computer

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I went online & downloaded 2019 ProSeries Basic because my old computer crashed & I have a new computer. I have a backup disk of my list of clients & their data for returns for 2018 & 2019. How do I get that data into the 2019 software I just downloaded from your website so it will be there when my 2020 ProSeries is downloaded by me on November 9?

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Level 15

Did you use the Backup/Restore option within ProSeries to copy your client files? 

If so, open PS2019 and use File > Client File Maint > Restore and choose the folder or device that contains the client files.

If you just have copies you saved using Windows, I dont think you can use Restore.  Youd just have to copy the files into the 19Data folder, then use the Homebase Database Maintenance within Proseries to update Homebase.


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I have found a quicker way. I copy the entire ProWin (year) to a USB drive. Open Window Explorer on old computer

Click on C drive, this will list all program folders on right side of screen.

Plug USB, from right side of screen highlight the ProWin folder you want and copy it to the USB folder

eject the USB drive


Install the program from the internet site.

With the program closed on the new computer open Windows Explorer

Plug the USB into new computer and click on it. your PS copied folder will show on the right side of the screen.

Highlight the file, right click and select Copy

Scroll up the left side of the screen until you can see the PS file on harddrive

Highlight this folder and click on Paste....the entire ProWin year program with all of your data will copy to the new harddrive.

When transfer copy is done:

Close Win Explorer. Click Start, then all programs, then click on Pro Series (year), click on this and select Home Base Tune-up

when Tune-up has finished you are ready to open the program. All of the options etc you had in place should now be in the program. Verify your license is activated and all Home Base clients are listed.

This is the quickest and easiest way I have found to transfer from old computer to new. I use this method to backup to USB during and at end of each tax season and keep all years on USB.

When I prepare returns for prior years...using the same method...I only need to copy the Data file in the program I am working with and copy it by pasting to the ProWin (year) folder...it will update the Data folder and all other locations automatically.

Just be sure that you run Homebase Tune-up before opening each year you want to work with.

This method also works for your ProPDF folders. If you have added files to any year then copy file for that year and paste the ProPDF year from C:\ to USB ProPDF folder and it will copy it to the correct year