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More "Challenges" with Form 8962

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Here are my circumstances:

Single client was laid off in December 2022.  She applied and received insurance from the Marketplace starting in January 2023.  She started a new job in March 2023 and, once she became eligible for health benefits from the new job, she terminated the marketplace insurance in April 2023.

The Form 1095-A lists the coverage for January - April 2023.  After I input this information, Form 8962 does their calculation, determines that she made more than 401% of the poverty level for the entire year, and wants her to repay $1,600 in premium credits from when she was unemployed. 

Is there a way in ProSeries that I can have Form 8962 only use her income for the period she had insurance in the marketplace (January - April) and not the rest of the year?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Michael Gilligan



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I have never heard of anyone trying to do what you want to do. As far as I know it is on an annual year basis. Read the instructions. If I am wrong then hopefully someone will come along and correct me.

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Level 15

Yea, their marketplace insurance tax system sucks, shes gonna be stuck paying back that discount they gave her during those months she had the marketplace coverage.