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MD Form 502X

Level 5

When the MD Form 502X Amended return is printed, the practitioner's PTIN and telephone number do not print on the return, even though the information appears on the form within the program.  This has not been a problem with other MD returns, just the amended returns.  I called ProSeries Support and after a lengthy time on hold really got nothing.  Unfortunately this is not the first bad experience I have had in attempting to resolve a technical issue with ProSeries Support.  Any suggestions on how best to communicate these types of program issues to ProSeries and get some satisfaction that the concerns are being addressed?  Thank you.

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Level 11

Stand in line.  Expected wait time is 22 years and counting. 

I've been asking for some Maryland changes since 2005 and still no luck. These changes were "required by law" and still ProSeries did nothing.  My two clients would go down to the Governor's office once a year and hand them the tax returns in person even though they were required "by law" to e-file.  Finally, the Comptroller's office created a waiver form we can use because they realized tax software companies (not just ProSeries) weren't being compliant.

You will find more than one (maybe ten million) complaints about ProSeries customer service on this board.


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