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MD 511 applied refund from 2022

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On a 2022 PTE MD return, I applied part of a large refund to the 2023 tax.  (That was before I know how screwed up the state would be with PTE refunds- some clients are still waiting for 2022 refunds...)   Now I want to take credit for the refund.  I can't figure out where on the return to enter the refund.  It is not flowing through from the 2022 return.  There is no line for it on the 2023 return.  If I enter it as an "other" estimated payment, I'll get an error because there is no payment method or bank account.  What am I missing?

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I answered this question for another user last week.  Please research this board before posting new questions.  On the overpayment applied from 2022 to 2023 list it on the additional estimated tax payment line as 12/31/22, the amount and type check.