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Max number of pages that can be attached to efiled return?

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I have a 1099 B with 125 pages to attach to a return.  Can I attach several pdf's totaling the 125 pages or do I have to mail the 8453 with the 1099

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Does the 1099B have to be attached?

Slava Ukraini!
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Level 10

I often attach the non-covered detail pages, which thankfully are getting fewer and fewer,  but i just have one entry for like "BriokerX short-term covered" and " BrokerX long-term covered", which does satisfy the reporting requirements.  I think this is what the IronMan is implying.

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Do you know you don't have to report each transaction if it meets certain criteria - See Instructions for Schedule D, page D-11, column 3 :  Lines 1a and 8a - Transactions not reported on Form 8949

I have client with same situation - hundreds of stock transactions.   I only have to enter a dozen or so that are wash sales.   The rest meet the requirements per Sched D instructions that can be entered as lump sum on Schedule D.    It is a huge time saver.