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Lacerte or Ultra Tax CS ?

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Any hep will be more than appreciate it I’m thinking of switching to Lacerte or Ultra Tax. Which one do you recommend. Any idea of prices ranges?  It’s true that Lacerte charge  each module separate for business 1120, 1120S, 1065, 990, 1041. is it ? I’m looking for one user unlimited individual , business  and at least 6 states. Our current software is ProSeries tax library.

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What is your purpose of switching?  What are you looking for that ProSeries does not have?

Each software has its pros and cons, so if you can determine what you don't like in ProSeries, that may be able to help you figure out what software you DO want.


Although I like ProSeries, I hate Intuit.  So for me, if I had to deal with a big "learning curve" for new software, I would never use another Intuit product.  But your needs and why you want to switch software may be different than mine.

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As Bill says.

Download both for a trial.  Replicate the typical and complex returns you have.  Find out for yourself whether they meet your needs and whether the learning curve is worth it.

Both of these should offer you more sophistication and refinement.  Question is whether PS checks most of your boxes for the typical returns you prepare and if these are the features you're after.

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Thanks for all reply 

main purpose of switching is to get a more efficient software for complex tax return , time consuming and I’m also looking for add a practice management software like office tools , Intuit Karbon or Ultra tax software. ( I can’t do that with ProSeries). Office tools has desktop version that look promising and the e/signature integration sound very attractive and money saving. Anyone using office tools workshop that can add any feedback.

thank you 

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Both are more expensive, but you get more bangs for your buck. 

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