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K-1 Box 11 - Charitable Deductions

Level 3

Hello all...Is anyone else getting an error on Schedule A for Charitable Contributions when you enter Code A on line 11 of an 1120S K-1?

It comes up on Schedule A (itemized deductions) as Code C for charity when its clearly entered on K-1 as Code A and gives you an error message.

This just started happening to me today!

What do we do?



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Level 7

There's a thread on this software bug started by "Tammie" I think.  The solution is to enter the deduction manually. Try looking on the 2nd page of these discussions.  

Level 11

10,970th post on this - don't enter it on K-1 Worksheet.  Enter it directly onto Schedule A.

Level 3

Yes...as direct input via Schedule A. Never happened in the past and just wanted to know if they will fix/updated.


Thank you!

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