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Is there a way to note within a return what has been reviewed(completed) and what has not?

Level 3

So I was just wondering if there is a way to note within a tax return (ProSeries) what has been reviewed and what has not been reviewed and okayed?  I ask this since we have employees do the input of the returns, fix errors etc. then the CPA reviews to make sure info is correct.  Sometimes the CPA gets pulled away or has to work on another project and comes back later.  It would be nice if there was a good way to know where the CPA left off.

Any good help would be nice.



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Level 15

No but it is a wonderful thought.    I worked at a firm that required a completed return be printed for the review process.  The return was reprinted each time corrections were made and sent back for review.  Big waste of paper but it helped to know what had been changed on the return.

Level 14
Level 14

I use the RED explanation point to put in info I need to review, and it works fine

Level 13

I once worked at a firm (pre-e-filing days) that printed all draft returns on color paper so you knew that they couldn't be final.

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On the Federal Information Worksheet

At top of page, click QuickZoom to Client Status

There are a few places that you can enter comments