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Is there a Intuit Turbo Tax Refun?

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I saw there was some type of refund from Intuit Turbo Tax Users?  Is there such a 


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We don’t use turbo tax around here... not sure what you’re asking but may be more appropriate on the turbo tax forum...

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Where do I sign up?  If TurddoTaxx users are now paying us refunds, I'm all for it.  I knew we would never see cash money coming back from Intuit but I'm even more surprised that those users are now willing to pay us.

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If you can find this message board, you can find details of the $40 million class action settlement that Intuit will have to pay some TurgidTax buyers it directed away from FreeFile.  That's a drop in the bucket for a billion-dollar company, they'll just raise the price a few dollars on some of the more expensive software.  

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You’ve come to a Peer User community for Intuit Tax Preparation products supporting tax preparation professionals, and you may be looking for support as an individual taxpayer. Please visit the TurboTax Help site for support.



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