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Intuit Link to Upload Tax Documents

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If a client set up an account at Intuit to upload their 2022 tax documents for me, can they use that same account to upload the 2023 tax documents?  Or do I have to initiate a request for the new tax year in Intuit Link?

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Your client can use the same account but you should send an invitation for each year, so that those files can be linked to the respective tax years and the relevant tax documents can be imported correct, if you so choose.

A more organized and less cluttered Intuit Link account should also make the communication between you and your clients more effective.

If you haven't tried using Intuit Link as a client, you should give that a go.  Not only would that make it easier for you to guide your client when questions (like this) are raised but it will also help you plan the end-to-end logistic of your tax compliance process.

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Level 11

There’s a drop down in IL for client to change tax year.    That said, they don’t always notice and sometimes misfile (what a surprise)… the filers are all date stamped so it’s easy enough to segregate new from old.

I transfer everything received from IL to my management system so there’s no confusion…. Right click save as…. Overall exchange of data and tax returns with IL is easy and affective 

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