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installing update failed

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when I tried to updates my Proseries Professional Tax over the internet, everything updated fine except

"1040 individual ver:202079" failed with error: 18. Anyone encountered this problem? Help


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Level 15
Level 15
Supposed to be an update today so that people can send in 2020 returns for Intuit to hold until 2/12...Im thinking maybe its not going as planned?

Intuit Alumni

I'm sorry for the frustration - thank you for reporting this.

From data we collect we can see that the vast majority  of people are updating fine.. but some are either getting Error 18 or Error 22 on some of the updates.  This is not new to this year, but this year we are reporting fine grained error information in the hopes of more quickly identifying and resolving issues.

Could you do the following..

- Open File Explorer

- Browse to your installation directory (Probably C:\ProWin20)

- Browse into "appdata" (Probably C:\ProWin20\appdata)

- Email "updateLog.txt" to proseries_engineering@intuit.com

That will help us do an initial triage. Then, we'd love to jump onto a conference call to see if we can troubleshoot. The third party vendor we use for updates has given us a special build of their code we can you to help them troubleshoot and ultimately fix this issue.

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