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I have a W2 representing work in two states, yet it uses the same total Fed wage for each state and different withholding amounts.

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Company Federal info is correct :

For example first copy for Fed filing states States

TOTAL STATE for the State ID number, and gives the total income and the total tax for BOTH states.

Copy 2 for CT states the total FED wage and state ID # and Amount for CT tax

Copy 2 (Second one) For RI with the same total FED wage  and RI State ID # and state tax.    

How is this recorded correctly for taxing in both states.   Should  there be a prorated wage for each state making up the total Federal wage? 


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"TOTAL STATE for the State ID number, and gives the total income and the total tax for BOTH states."

That might be required.

Some States will tax only the locally sourced wage. Some States want you to report all Income and then they credit back the tax paid to another State.

You cannot try to Add the State Wages together and match to Fed, because that is not the reporting requirement. You need to research and understand the specific State's requirements.

Do not proceed with your concept of allocation, until you know what is required. Typically, your purchased software has this built into it, from the W2 entries.

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Thanks. No I would not allocate, as that would change what is reported. I will try it with the total tax for both states and see if i can credit my home state. I just dont want him to be taxed on total twice.

Thanks again

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