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how do i establish an ODBC connection between ProSeries and Microsoft Suite!

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I would like to set up an odbc link between ProSeries and Excel and maybe Word to streamlline things a bit. We use Excel as a support file and it would save lots of time to create a data link from ProSeries to Excel.  



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Im not sure what that is or means, and I dont think Ive ever heard it mentioned with ProSeries, so Im not sure its an option, sorry.

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@Just-Lisa-Now-  How have you made it this far in life without knowing about Open Database Connectivity?  OK, you could ask me the same question.  Seems to be something dreamed up by Microsoft, so must be evil. I think the answer is, "If you have to ask, you probably shouldn't try."

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This is the forum where you might find some help:


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I have to say, I'm impressed.  Wondering what other groups out there I have missed. 👍

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I'm a member of the developer community and do integrations. Only Lacerte has a SDK. The question for ProSeries has been asked before, and there's never an answer. 

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