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Forms Availability

Melissa K
Level 1

Why are so many forms not finalized, not EF ready in ProSeries? Major forms like 2210, Schedule J, Form 4835, and the estimate vouchers show up as not final and not ready to e-file until the end of the month. All of these forms are available on the IRS website - none of them show up as draft forms/not finalized according to the IRS. Is anyone else getting frustrated with what seems to be a software issue holding up the filing season? 

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Level 3

Yes! The new date for release is now 2/25 because they missed the 2/18 date! This is very frustrating in light of the fact that Lacerte, also an Intuit product, has released this form (2210) no problem. I am holding at least 6 returns now for another two weeks almost. Come on Pro Series! If you can update your software in Lacerte you and do it in Pro Series. Very, very frustrating. 

Level 2

ITs Proseries - nothing is ever ready on time. I've been using it for 22 years. I've written to Intuits president, and anyone else I can find. They just don't care. Like Quickbooks there are nto a whole lot of affordable alternatives so they just do what they want. I am retiring this year so I don't have to deal with them anymore. Each yeat they cost me 2-3 cleints

Level 15

It's been an unusual year with COVID issues and the Dept of the Treasury forced to crank out stimulus checks at the end of the year when they could be doing other things.  It's frustrating, but sometimes you have to look at the bright side of things.  We all could be dealing with late arriving forms or we could be on a ventilator right now.  Personally, I find the forms issue to be less concerning than the ventilator issue.  Everybody just needs to take a deep breath (because you can) and relax -------- we can get through this.

Slava Ukraini!
Level 3

Now it says Form 4835 will not be available until March 4th.  Farmers are due March 1st.  How is that possible?  This needs fast tracked by ProSeries developers.

Level 2

Called customer service again today February 17th! Checking on Form 4835, Form 2210F, and Sch J. Rep I got today said "those forms are on the schedule to be released tomorrow February 18th", I hope she's right!!!!!!! Although, she also said to wait until afternoon to see the full update release. Come on ProSeries get your sh*t together!! Fingers crossed! 😉