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Form Social Security Benefits Worksheet

Will Kruse
Level 2

You have removed the headings for Taxpayer and Spouse on the Social Security worksheet. I guess you are assuming that the 1st collum is for the Taxpayer and the 2nd collum is for the spouse.  I question if there was a real cost savings on this change.  Creates some confusion on the preparer to guess which collum to use.

This change makes it less likely to recommend Intuit Pro Series to others.

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Level 15

I'm guessing it was a screwup rather than a cost savings motive.

Slava Ukraini!
Level 15

Maybe Intuit removed them because they are trying to save up their pixels to trade them in for something in the Acme catalog.  😂

Level 15

collum ... makes me think of Gollum.... time to read The Trilogy, again.  It's been a while, the first time was in 1975 😉

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Level 15

I reread every 5 or 6 years.