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Form 990 short year returns

Level 2

I have had an incredibly difficult year trying to file short year and 2 years for the same calendar year for non-profits. I spent 15 hours this summer with proseries and the IRS getting the short-year return out. As you all know 2 years ago the IRS made it the rule you could not paper file. They literally mailed back the paper filed return.

I made the horrible assumption that Proseries was compliant in 2022 for non-profits only to discover we could not file two returns with the same EIN in the same year. It took 8 hours to prepare the return so I was hoping for a work around from proseries. They told me to file one return through lacerte. It took 6 +hours to get everything set up. I talked to multiple people in proseries and lacerte only to find out after the 6+ hours of setting everything up that lacerte can't convert a form 990 file. AAAGGHHH! Then I called the people who sold they software and they had no idea proseries was not compliant with this specific tax issue. Ya'll this is an over 2 year problem. Come on IT - I have used up over 25 hours doing a work around for this issue. it seems no one at Pro-series knows about it and just waste your time. They are refusing to provide any compensation for all the time they wasted on the last recommendation they gave me for the work around. 



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