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Form 990 and 990T issues with extensions and returns

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Many issues need help. #1  Tried to e-file a 990 extension (not the 990T). Rejected by Intuit twice for errors with incomplete information on the 990T. What does this have to do with the 990 extension?   #2  One of the errors said I need Form 990T, page 1, item E completed. This is for the GEN - group exemption. This is not a required item on the 990T unless you HAVE a GEN (see IRS instructions).  If you do not have one, there is no option to state this.  (side note, we solved this by putting in "0000").  Again, what does this have to do with the extension for the 990?  #3 Some of this is resolved by unchecking the e-file 990T option on the general info page of the 990...but why should I have to do this? When I go to file the 990T, I have to mark this, so I get an error for not marking it.  Again (sigh) all I am trying to do is file the 990 extension.  #4 One error for reject - error #R0000-055-02 talks about the "Binary Attachment 8453 Signature Document" is selected" (no 8453 was needed), a form 8453 pdf file must be attached.  You guessed it , I am still trying to e-file the 990 extension. #5  Another ongoing issue is that the program gives errors unless you mark that you are going to input the Practitioner PIN and ALSO mark that the input will be the officer PIN. Why do I need to mark both?  Makes no sense. I marked both and input my PIN as the Officer PIN as well, and it goes through. FYI - I hope the programmers look at this since I spent over an hour and a half with 2 different tech support reps. It was only "resolved" by doing workarounds and wrong info...not what should be happening.  And we also marked the box for omitting the error checking when doing the conversion to submit, and it came back anyway with errors.   And I am paying for this?   

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Item 1 and 3, if you want to only file 990 -ext, you will need to check "Form 990Only " in Part II, “File the federal 990,990-EZ... return electronically" and “Electronic Filling of Extensions" on Part VII.

Item 2, ProSeries removed the error message on Form 990T, page 1, item E.

Item 4 and 5, IRS is required to either attach F8453 PDF or use the Practitioner PIN. Form 990 is the only product that has this business rule requirement by the IRS for filing extension.

Thank you for your feedbacks. We are planning to have the enhancements on the information worksheet in the future release to be more user friendly.