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Form 8962 Error

I think this one is a little different.

I filled out the 1095A worksheet and allocated 0 to this taxpayer, exactly how I did it on the 2021 return, which went through without issue.  But this year, something strange happened.  When I printed the return, the 8962 printed perfectly, showing a 0 allocation to this taxpayer.  After filing, the rejection was that Form 8962 was missing.  That made no sense so I printed it again, on the screen and on paper, and there is a Form 8962.  Yet, when I look in the forms in use, Form 8962 is NOT lit up.

I tried to go into print options, and changed it to any data.  No luck.  I went to the form, and dropped a $0 on the line asking for income of other dependents,  No luck.  Yet the 8962 is filled out perfectly, showing all the allocation percentages to be $0 and showing the other taxpayer's SSN, just like last year.

BTW, this is not a dependent situation.  This is a true shared policy.

Anyone else experience this?

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@Frustrated-in-IL wrote:

BTW, this is not a dependent situation.  This is a true shared policy.


Intuit sucks with 0% allocations.

Print the 8962 to a PDF.  Attach the PDF to the tax return, as an "other" attachment called "ACA Explanation".


Out of curiosity, what do you mean by "this is a true shared policy".  Does the Marketplace let you get a joint policy with random people???


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