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Form 7004 for 2023

Level 1

The software requires that the number of W-2's that a company issued needs to be filled in to allow the software to file the 7004 electronically. If the company has not provided any information to us, the main reason why we are filing a extension, how are we supposed to file without that information? Are we just forced to use a placeholder number?

I am really looking for an answer from Intuit on this, not that other users can't be of assistance, I think this is one they should answer/fix.

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Level 7

The answer is turn off regular e-filing and only have amended turned on.

Level 15

Just use last year’s number.  They aren’t doing any matching of those totals.

Slava Ukraini!
Level 1

Based on your recommendation, I just took off e-file for the IRS return, filed the extension, and then turned back on the e-file for the return and it went through withouit an issue. No need to check amended return.

They still need to fix it, but at least there is a workaround.

Level 2

I did that on half my returns and then tried to resubmit to test it (about 95 returns), and none of them went through because now it wants the prior year income on the information worksheet.  Is it just me or is this ridiculous just to file an extension?  

Basically I will have to open every single return from 2022 to find this number and enter it.  IT'S AN EXTENSION!!!!  Why does ProSeries make it so difficult?  Why couldn't it transfer it from the prior year return?

Does anybody know others who use different software that is better than this crap?  I'm a ProSeries user for 30 years and it seems like each year it gets worse and worse but they charge you more and more.