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Form 1045 Schedule B

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Our client has a NOL from tax year 2018 that we are going to carryback to tax year 2013. Tax year '13 and '14 won't yield much, if any, of a refund. We are in the process of filling out Form 1045 Schedule B to determine how much carryforward is left of the NOL after applying it to each tax year. My question is when I enter the NOL on the Carryover worksheet in the 2013 tax program as a carryforward from tax year 2012 it appears that around $12,000 gets absorbed. Yet, when I do the calculations on the Schedule B, it appears that none of it gets absorbed. Let me add that this client had negative taxable income in tax year 2013. Are the re-calculations for an NOL carryforward from a previous tax year and a carryback different? 

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