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Electronic Filling

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I realize the IRS has delayed accepting electronically filed returns until 2/12 but the State of Maine is accepting them now.  Why aren't they being forwarded to the State instead of being held at Intuit with the federal side?  Maine is independent of the federal.

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Just a guess. It is because you sent them together. If you had just sent Maine, it might have gone straight through as a stand alone state return. Since you sent them together, they will stay together until the fed is released. https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/individual/help/ef-atlas-federal-state-ef-method-standalone-...


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This ^^^
Same thing would happen with CA, if I send them together, the CA will be held until the Fed is accepted or rejected (if fed is rejected, state will reject too) but if I send CA alone, its not dependent on the fed at all.