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Electric Vehicle Credit

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We have a client in MD that purchased a Tesla Model 3 and has been provided an IRS Form 15400 stating the Maximum credit is $7,500. Is there a Federal and MD credit available and how are the credits taken for 2023? Forms?

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Have you even tried to look up anything about electric vehicle credits?

You could start by searching the forum. There are several threads going.

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"and has been provided an IRS Form 15400 stating the Maximum credit is $7,500. Is there a Federal"

Yes, you just pointed out this IRS form is for Federal.

You can look up the requirements and eligibility at:




But it seems you have the right form, already, as evidence your taxpayer has been reported:


MD has an excise tax credit:





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Thanks very much for the information for the MD EV Buyer Excise Tax Credit. It is important to note this appears to be a form to be filled out by the purchaser separate from their income tax filings. 

Given the application to receive this credit has a finite pool of monies, it would seem the dealer should fully explain to the purchaser at the point of sale.

Thaks again for the quick responses!!!



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