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Efiling reports

I did a 2019 (11/30/20) partnership and efiled the Federal and California returns.  They were accepted.  A week later I efiled a New York return for this partnership which was accepted. I can get an efile report but it only shows the New York efiling activity.  The Federal and CA acceptances/transmission history have disappeared. How can I see them?

Thanks, Community!

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Yeah, the EF center was a wonky for me when I e-filed a couple of corporate returns the other day.  If you click on the e-file tab in the EF center, can you print history reports by clicking "electronic filing" > "electronic filing reports"?  

Slava Ukraini!

I tried that but no, I still only get the report for the New York return.

I know the Fed and CA were accepted.  That info came through and was still there in the program until I filed New York.

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Okay, I got it partially fixed.  On the Partnership Information Worksheet I had unchecked Fed and CA from the efiling choices when I did NY.  I rechecked them and now the Fed report prints.  The CA report does not.  The Fed and CA were efiled together.

And...I got the CA report!  I unchecked NY from the choices of what to efile.  The result is now all three - Fed, CA and NY show up in the Efile Center.

That is a weird solution. 🙂

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