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Efiled State Returns - Not transmitted

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I filed several returns on Monday, and all the federal returns were accepted. However, the efiling status of some of the state returns that I already filed is "Received by Intuit" and for others is "Marked for EF". I am more concern about the returns that I submitted to Intuit that have an efiling status of "Marked for EF" because those were already sent to Intuit. I opened several of the state returns that are "Marked for EF" to try to resubmit, but it is not working. After trying to resubmit a "Marked for EF" return, I get two messages: The first one says "Duplicate Social Security Number: A tax return with the same SSN has already been submitted"; the second one says "Not transmitted, the return failed the tax submission validation step. Please make the necessary corrections". 

Is any one having the same issue? 


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I just spend an hour on the phone and I got hung up... I guess that there is a glitch and soon we will see those files as sent to State... in my opinion do not resubmit and keep your Pro-series updated... I saw a couple that had gone through but the majority still on my Home Base. 


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