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Efile Reject Error R0000-507-01

Level 8

Client has been rejected three time for Efile Reject Error R0000-507-01.

The second time I moved the 2nd dependent to spot one rejected

The third time I moved the 3rd dependent to spot one rejected

Support was not helpful.

What say you peeps

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Level 3

The reject notice should tell you which dependent was rejected.  99% of the time that happens, it's either an ex who claimed the child or it's a child who filed their own return and claimed themselves. 

If it's first time for you filing that return, you might have a name mismatch.  IRS bumps returns against the SSA file.  Last name and SSN must match someone on that list.  Be careful of foster and step children and second marriages.  Names must be exact.  

Once you identify the dependent that caused the reject, check to be sure you didn't fat-finger a number, then check with the client.


Level 15
Level 15

You need to look at the actual rejection report to see which kid is making it kick back. It should show the dependent number in [ ] brackets if memory serves (havent seen one this year)