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efile homebase tab for extensions

Level 2

It would be very helpful to have a separate tab for those whose extensions have been accepted in the efile home base screen. Presently, those get mixed back in with 'Pending' returns. When preparers are frantically trying to make certain all of their clients are taken care of in the last hours of the deadline date, it is a bit confusing to see these clients names showing up again. Reopening the client to be certain that is taken care of, or switching to another screen or home base is time consuming and a few can fall through the cracks in the process.

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Level 15

When you are in the EF Center under the Pending Tab look for the Client Status column.  That will show you Extension Accepted    You can sort the Client Status column by clicking at the top. 

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Level 15

My standard practice at crunch time is just sort the 1040 homebase view by status to make sure I didn't miss anybody for the last train out of town.

Slava Ukraini!
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