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Efile error CA Form 5805

Level 4

I've had CA return rejected twice for "Error F5805-010" Text of error says: "If Form 5805, Part 1 (Is waiver Requested) is checked Yes, then Part 1, Line 1 explanation and Part II, Line 13 Estimate Penalty waiver requested attribute must be present."

On my first attempt the two fields at the bottom of Part II, line 13 were each filled with a 0 (zero). On the second attempt I entered text WAIVER in the first field and a 0 (zero) in the second field. The program still displayed the original penalty amount in the calculated line 13 entry. Neither error was flagged by the ProSeries program, only when it was submitted to California did it get rejected. The instructions provided apparently are not adequate (or I'm not adequate).  Form 540, line 113 has the box next to 5805 checked.

I've entered a text explanation for the reason for the waiver, but that doesn't appear to be the issue.

Does anyone know how to get the waiver accepted?

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