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E-filing status reset

Olivier Wagner
Level 2


I e-filed a few extensions and while I understand that they will not be accepted by the IRS before February 12, after some update (Homebase update?) it resets and it appears as if I had not filed it (as opposed to "received by Intuit"). I can't file it again and if trying to do so I get an error message that an extension has already been filed for someone with that SSN...

I assume that I won't be able to get confirmation that the extension was accepted. How can I ensure that it won't happen for future clients/future e-filings?

Thank you

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Level 15

It may be a good idea to wait a little before filing extensions.

Level 15

E-filing extensions for Intuit to hold?  You are a much braver person than I am - that sounds like a recipe for disaster.  You can't ensure that it won't happen again unless you prepare the extensions and just hold on to them yourself until 2/12.

Slava Ukraini!
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