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Downloading ProSeries 2020

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When I try to download the ProSeries 2020 (either directly online or through the 2019 program) I get an error message.  I need help to get it downloaded.

Also when I open the 2019 package, there is another 5 minutes added.  It keeps installing, even though I have it on auto update. What is happening here?

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Intuit Alumni

I've run into a few specific different issues. 

First question: can you access this link in your browser on your machine? https://ftpfp.proseries.com/pub/proseries/2020/LICENSE.HTM

This should just display our license agreement.  For a few customers, we've seen that their router or firewall has decided to block anything from proseries.com.  That prevents "download next year's product", that prevents updating, that prevents login calls.

If you can access that link, then we need as much detail as you can provide. What is the exact error message you are receiving? And what happens if you try to download and run the installer directly, from one of the links below?

Professional: https://ftpfp.proseries.com/pub/proseries/2020/CoreInstallerTY20.exe

Basic: https://ftpfp.proseries.com/pub/proseries/2020/BasicInstallerTY20.exe

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I a m having the same issue and I can't access that license file you are giving.  How do I "unblock" this on my router?

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Intuit Alumni

First thing to try is a hard reset of your router/modem. Make sure family members aren't doing something important on the Internet (critical), then unplug them from power, wait a minute, and plug them back in (assuming you have 2 devices, a router and a modem.. if they are combined, just do the one).  That should reset any corrupted cache info.

If that doesn't work, check firewall software on your computer and any other Anti Virus / Anti Malware software.  See if they are blocking proseries.com and/or our protax20.exe.  

If none of the above works, i'd try a different network just to confirm the problem is yours, if you can.  Tether your phone and use it's wifi to check the link I provided, or if you have a laptop take it Starbucks and use their wifi to check the file (just make sure it's there wifi).

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Your link for the ProSeries 2020 coreinstaller worked perfectly.  Would you happen to have a link to the 2019 coreinstaller?  Would be greatly appreciated.

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Level 15
try using that same link address but replace the 2020 parts with 2019...like this