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Downloading 2020 Professional Pro Series

Level 1

I'm having problems downloading 2020 Professional Pro Series onto my Windows 10 Computer.  I've spent the last 2 days with Intuit IT people and they all point the finger at MICROSOFT.  This does not resolve my problem.  Does anyone have a solution?  This is URGENT as tax season is upon us.


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Level 15

You might want to provide some additional details as to what happens when you try such as any error messages that pop up in the process.

Slava Ukraini!
Level 3

When is the last time you updated Windows 10?

Or Maybe your security settings?

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Level 13
Level 13

You may want to look into hiring someone to help you d/l. He/she may or most likely will know why. I personally dont trust Intuits IT. But who knows?

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Yes.  clients did not all transfer, about half and this morning is was updating for over 20 minutes.

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I had the same issue. To resolve the problem, I had to update Windows 10 to the most recent version. It appears that for security reasons, Intuit will not allow the software system to download on previous versions of Windows 10. Once this was complete, it downloaded without any problems. 

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Intuit Alumni

I've encountered a few problems in this space.

1. Comcast/Xfnity/Firewall deciding they don't like the proseries.com domain.  Short Term Fixes have included turning off Protected Browsing or Whitelisting proseries.com.  Long term we're working with our IT folks  to address what's getting us flagged (forever, our server side certificate has had turbotax.com as the primary and proseries.com as an alt.. evidently these days some providers don't like that arrangement)

2. Sometimes router DNS caches get corrupted. Usually a hard reset (unplug from power, wait a minute, plug back in) clears the cache.

3. An Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware program like AVG suddenly decides to quarantine  ProTax20.exe and/or CefBrowser.Subprocess.exe.  I'm not familiar with any particular reason for that. 


I'm not familiar with a specific reason why updating Windows 10 would have helped, but am glad that it did.

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