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Disclosure by Intuit for all of its products

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I too had a recent 2023 return changed with new calculations stating I might want to do an amended return.  However I did NOT make the changes, and in going through the documentation provided and seeing what I entered was correct, I called Intuit.  I was told that if I don't lock my client files once they have been efiled, that IRS can go into my client files and CHANGE THEM randomly.


I don't recall a DISCLOSURE from Intuit for this type of Invasion of Privacy of my client's returns.

This makes me want to quit this business if I have to NOW lock out the taxing authority that is holding US accountable for keeping the files 'SAFE' but IRS can enter our files and make changes according to WHO?  This is unacceptable and excuse me if I am pissed about it.  So are my clients.  I am locking each one, and in years passed as a single tax preparer, I used to file 650 returns.  Now, in my 70's I did 150.  Next year, I will cut those down again until I have taught people to retain their own receipts, mark on those receipts, bag those receipts, keep extreme records and put them all together in a place labled IRS AUDIT to expect that will occur.  

Thanks to our Government, we all have to teach our clients how to be proactive in this government and not reactive.  Can I get an amen?

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If you were really told that, you were fed a bunch of BS.   The IRS can’t get into your software and make changes.  Changes do happen from time to time though when Intuit does product updates.  But no matter how well locked the returns are, once you open a file, those updates happen.

Slava Ukraini!
Level 15
Level 15

"that IRS can go into my client files and CHANGE THEM randomly."

That's a lie.  IRS does NOT have access to your computer or client files.

Now, could the numbers have changed due to a program update?  Absolutely.

What changed?

Level 3

EXACTLY!  No explanation was given, other than the tax was increased and client has to pay.

I was told this by an Intuit, ProSeries Basic person on the phone.  It floored me.

Level 7

I heard that if I wrap my computer with tin foil, it will stop the IRS from beaming their changes into my computer.  Not sure it works, but I read it on Instagram X that IRS was looking for money any way they could so they could hire more agents.

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 Thank you for the levity.