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Depreciation report - vehicle fully expensed using section 179 in prior year does not appear on Depreciation report

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Maybe I'm just tired, but it's always bugged me that I can't give a client a depreciation report that ties back to her balance sheet as it is fully expensed in prior year using section 179.

The report does not include this vehicle as part of the report. It makes absolutely no difference on the tax return, but I am wondering if I did something incorrectly to make it not show up.  

The vehicle shows that the section 179 was taken - its still on the vehicle report, but it doesn't show up on the depreciation report.

I know, the basis is reduced to zero, and maybe that's why its not on the report, but I'd like to see it on the report - non-vehicles with prior year section 179 are on my report, so I'm just wondering if its:

1 - Vehicles fully expensed in prior year with sec 179 do not show up on report for some reason that I am unaware of      or

2- I made some kind of error that I'd like to avoid in the future  - most likely



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