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Deceased Client

Level 2

If a client died in 2020 , they  will not be entitled to EIP 2 on line #19 (Recovery Rebate Credit Worksheet)

what do enter on line #19? I would assume either $600.00 or $1,200.00 to reconcile the form.

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Level 15
Level 15
Are you sure if they died in 2020 theyre not entitled to the credit?
I can see if someone died in 2018 or 2019 they wouldnt be entitled to a 2020 credit....but if they had income in 2020 and are filing a 2020 return, seems like they would be entitled just like anyone else in 2020.

Level 15

From the Draft Instructions:


Generally, you are eligible to claim the recovery rebate credit if in 2020 you were a U.S. citizen or U.S. resident alien, weren't a dependent of another taxpayer, and have a valid social security number. This includes someone who died in 2020, if you are preparing a return for that person.


Level 13

I agree with TGB, but if you want to know how to prevent a 2020 credit if you truly believe they don't deserve one-- enter the full amount as if they already got it.


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