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Dash board EF status

Level 4

This is freaking me out. I have had files that I e filed in March, then today after deadline, they appeared as "marked for E file" when they were previously E filed. I have seen this in the past when all I had to do was "receive acknowledgement" and it would mark it back to E file completed on the dashboard.  This time, it was actually looking like it was not e filed at all, so I had to re e file. I have my system of marking files that are e filed. And this was not a one time, there were multiple files. I e file both NC and federal together, no reason not to file together, then it processes it but then somewhere it reverts back and drops the e file processing weeks later or days later and it looked like it was never even E filed before. It's fine if it shows rejection, then I would notice, but no it doesn't.

Anyone else having this problem with Pro series this year. It's a pain because I have to now showing as not only double check but triple and quadruple check whether a file is e filed, making me not trust the software. 

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Level 4

Yes, It's doing the same thing in my office. Scares you half to death the first time it happens. But now I highlight and tell it to update acknowledgment of selected return.

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