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Convert data from Proconnect to Proseries

Level 1

I called the whole afternoon for the help with coversion data from Proconnect to Proseries, and was kicked back and forth by their support team. 

When I bought the software, I was told it is very easy to convert the data. Only need couple minutes. 

Does really nobody know it how to convert the data?


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Level 11

I'm not positive but I think you can only go from (desktop) ProSeries to Proconnect (online) just like you can only go from QuickBooks (desktop) to QBO (online).  Let me know if I'm incorrect on this.

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Level 11
Level 11

Did you try these instructions? There’s a video that I did not watch 




If at first you don’t succeed…..find a workaround
Level 1

Yes, I called the number 1-800-200-7599 many times. They kicked me to another number 800-434-6818.

The team on *****7599, said I should call ***6818.

       People on *****6818, said I should call ***7599. 

The salespeople said it is easy to convert. It just takes couple minutes. 

" If you need assistance with converting your ProConnect data to Lacerte, reach out to the ProConnect support team at 1-800-200-7599. "

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Level 11

" If you need assistance with converting your ProConnect data to Lacerte,"



Just to be clear 

Are you trying to convert Proconnect to Lacerte or 

Proconnect to ProSeries?

Level 15

But evidently there is something like a 53 step process to convert to ProSeries.  The first step is to enter into the Twilight Zone, um, I mean to convert to Lacerte.  Actually that is the second step.  The first step must be to load Lacerte to your computer 😵

Slava Ukraini!